Disneyland Reopening And Disney Wish Sneak Peek. Disney Week In Review For May 2, 2021

by Ed Pizza
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There was plenty going on this week, including Disneyland’s reopening and the beginning of preview rides at the newest thrill coaster in Orlando.  Let’s dig in!

Disneyland finally reopened their doors after more than a year this week.  My go-to expert on Disneyland broke down what it was like when the gates reopened.  Just like Disney World, one of the biggest details you’ll need to know for the reopening of Disneyland is how to make a park reservation.  Without that, you’re out of luck.

If you weren’t lucky enough to get to Disneyland since the reopening, you can get a peek at the changes to one of the most iconic rides at Disneyland.

While we’re on the subject of Disneyland, 55 years of service?  WOW!

We also learned plenty about Disney’s newest cruise ship, the Wish.  We’re still in the camp of wanting both our kids vaccinated prior to getting on a cruise, and we expect that to be the requirement for many cruise lines.  But, it’s hard not to get excited about everything the Wish has to offer.

Lest you think there wasn’t anything going on in Orlando this week…..

We just finished updating our massive “Ultimate Guide to Disney World“.  Take a look!

Some people just really can’t come to grips with change.  Or, is it a more serious issue than that?  We dig into some pigheaded comments about Disney World.

As you’ve probably heard, you need a Park Pass reservation to access any of the Disney World theme parks.  Now, Disney World has started notifying guests that if they don’t have a valid ticket attached to their Park Pass reservation they’ll lose that reservation.  This should help free up more capacity where some people are squatting on multiple reservations without a ticket attached to each one.

If you’re thinking about a trip to Disney World, wait times seem to have slowed down quite a bit since the Spring Break crowds left town.  We expect wait times to go back up once schools let out for summer.  Disney World vacation bookings continue at a very rapid pace right now.

If you are thinking about a Disney World vacation, Touring Plans has a tool that piqued my interest.  Room Finder looks like it will help you sift through the vast rooms inventory Disney World has to find the exact room you’re looking for.  I’m going to need to test this out!

On the other side of Orlando, Velocicoaster started ride previews this week.  The ride looks incredible, dipping down through different parts of the park at a break neck pace.  I’m not sure if it can top the phenomenal Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure.  I can’t wait to find out!

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