Ten Best Disney+ Movies And Shows For Teens

by Ed Pizza
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When we started Disney Park Magic, I mentioned to you that we’d have verticals for Dads, Moms, Pride, Kids and Adults.  While we don’t have enough “kid” writers just yet, my kids are excited to be occasional contributors.  So, if you have a teenager at home, they might enjoy my daughter’s list of the ten best shows to watch for teens:

Mulan (Live Action)

Even as a parent, I really enjoyed this movie.  Disney really nailed it on this one.

Into The Woods

Another solid live action movie from Disney!  Inspired by a variety of Grimm Brothers fairy tales, like Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella, it’s an all-star cast.

The Princess Bride

Sometimes the best movies are the classics.  This movie from my childhood is also a big hit with our kids.  Sonny, true love is the greatest thing in the world. Except for a nice MLT, a mutton, lettuce and tomato sandwich, where the mutton is nice and lean and the tomato is ripe.


This one was a surprise addition to the list. Our teenage daughter, who’s decidedly not a Star Wars fan, became a really big Mandalorian fan.  Star Wars junkies seem to uniformly agree Mandalorian is the real deal.


Based loosely on Sleeping Beauty, Angelina Jolie does an incredible job in Maleficent.  This tale of Maleficent and Aurora will excite teens and adults!

Once Upon A Time

This live action TV series debuted on ABC.  You can find all seven seasons on Disney+ along a spin-off show, Once Upon A Time In Wonderland.  I would imagine this is on our daughter’s binge list.

The Haunted Mansion

Eddie Murphy stars in this movie that’s almost 20 years old now, but still apparently enjoyable enough for today’s teens.  There’s already 999 ghosts, but there’s room for one more…..

Christopher Robin

This movie is inspired by the lovable Winnie the Pooh and his friends.  We were skeptical on Christopher Robin when we started watching it, but it was well worth watching.  One of our daughter’s favorites!

The Lion King

I asked our daughter if she meant the original Lion King movie or the newer live action version.  She said “Both! Either!”  She’s right, they’re both awesome!

Freaky Friday

Boy, was this one a surprise!  I totally didn’t see our teenage daughter picking out a Jamie Lee Curtis comedy from 20 years ago.  Mom and daughter switch bodies on a Freaky Friday.  I guess that makes it a timeless classic.

​Wrapping Up The Magic

Our daughter put this top 10 list for me but didn’t have time to add her comments.  Even with virtual schooling, she’s swamped with studying and homework right now.  I enjoyed getting to see what her favorite choices are.  Next up will be our son, who’s a few years younger than his sister.  And, I’ll ask my wife for her favorites.  The bottom line?  Even if you’re a moderate Disney fan, there’s so much content on Disney+ it’s hard not to get your money’s worth.

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