Epcot Unveils New “Retro” Entrance Fountain

by Mike LaRosa
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What was old is new again…when it comes to Epcot’s newly renovated entrance fountain. As the park goes through significant updates in preparations for its 40th anniversary, the first of many projects has been completed.

Epcot Entrance Fountain

What first started in the Fall of 2019, the renovation of the main entrance of Epcot, leading to Spaceship Earth has just finished. The “new” fountain is actually not all that new. In fact, it stands in the same location as the original fountain did when the park opened in 1982. While the fountain always remained a fountain, the famous lucite pillars were removed when the entrance was renovated with the addition of the “Leave a Legacy” monoliths installed as part of the Millennium Celebration.

The originals were sold, but replicas were created and re-installed to top off a fountain with new stone work and lighting. The design incorporates the geometry of the original fountain.  It also added a center light that is a new liquid-cooled fixture that complements the lower changing color. In addition to ultimately coordinating light patterns with the new projection effects coming to Spaceship Earth. As seen from this photo, the new centerpiece of Epcot’s entrance really pops at night, especially when up lit.

What are your thoughts on the “new” retro fountain at Epcot? Glad they brought back a piece of history or did you prefer the Leave a Legacy “cemetery”?

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