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by Ed Pizza
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Like that child walking into Disney World for the first time, I’m writing this article with unbelievable eagerness for what’s next. Some of my fondest memories as a child were visiting Disney World and Disneyland. Equally so, writing has always been a passion of mine. I’ve written a blog for 12 years now.  A few years ago I added a podcast to the mix.  I enjoy both immensely.  That’s my little corner of the travel world I get to share each day.

Over the years, stories about our various Disney adventures around the world have been well received on my blog and podcast.  However, there’s always been the occasional reader or listener who complains that we’re talking about Disney too much.  Less Disney, they say!

Not to be contrarian, but I think we need more Disney.  The happiest place on Earth is also one of the happiest memories for me as a child.  Fast forward to today and I’ve now shared the same memories with my own children.

I should probably tell you a bit about me.  My name is Ed Pizza.  I grew up in New York but transplanted to Northern Virginia about 20 years ago.  I met the woman of my dreams, but never really planned on having kids.  That changed in a hurry (though my wife would say it took forever).  We have a teenage girl and a boy about to break into double digits.

Our family has visited Disney World dozens of times.  We’ve stayed at Disney resorts, off-property resorts, heck we even camped in our RV at Disney.  Along the way, we found ourselves at Disneyland a couple of times.  And, we even managed to squeeze in a trip to Disneyland Paris.  The other parks in Asia are high on our family’s list for future trips.  Our family has also experienced multiple Disney Cruises.

Everyone has their own way of doing Disney.  That’s where the idea for our new site came from.  My perspective on Disney is great for certain people, and not so great for others.  Our goal is to keep you informed about all things Disney and help you identify with authors who are most closely aligned with your goals.

You’ll find me writing in the “Disney Park Dads” vertical, and some of my articles will appear elsewhere when we think they might be relevant to you.  And, as we expand the site, you’ll hear from other Disney experts who have their own way to travel.  Our first author to join the fold is Mike LaRosa.  He’ll be anchoring the “Disney Park Pride” vertical.  Look for us to add more authors in the near future to write for the “Disney Park Moms” vertical.

And, we’re working on a list of teens, kids and adults to cover Disney from their own perspective.  Finally, we’re hoping to add folks who love Disney and deal with a disability, to help folks through the complicated (but helpful) systems Disney offers.

But, Wait!  There’s More!

No, it’s not a Ginsu knife commercial.  Are they still around?  I’m really dating myself.

Because of our time spent visiting, dreaming, reading and talking about Disney, we know so many tips and tricks we want to share with you.  The best ways to save money?  Live it up in style?  Snag that special meeting with a favorite character, or figuring out how to beat the lines for the most popular attractions?  We’ve got all the answers for you.  And, our experience as veteran travelers will help you save money getting there, whichever park you choose to visit.

We also love lots of other parks, like Universal Studios.  And Hersheypark.  And so many others.  As we get our feet underneath us, we intend to bring you great coverage of other theme parks from around the world.

Come Dream With Us

At their heart, theme parks are about dreams.  Young girls and boys start creating dreams at Disney, just like our daughter and son did.  Whether it’s princesses, pirates, or talking cars, they find a character to love.  Nobody creates a story quite like Disney, making those dreams come true.  Many people believe Disney is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  We can show you how to make it much more than once-in-a-lifetime.

It might seem like an odd time to start a site focused on theme parks, as Disneyland sits closed and we have many more months to go before things return to “normal”.  It’s certainly a nagging thought in the back of my mind in the months that I’ve spent planning and launching this project.  At the end of the day, this isn’t just a passion project.  It’s a project about the passion we feel for Disney, a passion that we share with so many others.  We hope you’ll join us on this journey. We can’t wait to get started!

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joeheg February 15, 2021 - 01:16

Ginsu knives. You can cut a tin can and then slice a tomato.


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