Woman Jumps On Stage, Slaps Jack Sparrow And Calls Him An “American Pig” At Shanghai Disneyland

by Ed Pizza
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News of the weird from Shanghai Disneyland today.  Special thanks to Blake F. for sending this one my way.  According to a Chinese website, a woman climbed up on stage, called the actor playing Captain Jack Sparrow “You American pig” and slapped him before leaving the stage.

I’m having trouble embedding the video but this link is from a public site in China where it should be safe to watch.  The woman reportedly left the stage and returned to her seat after delivering the beating to Jack Sparrow.  She refused to leave her seat, causing the show to be stopped.

Unlike in the US Disney theme parks, the Pirates of the Caribbean cast actually perform a live action show at the Fandango Theater at Shanghai Disneyland.

She may be one of the only people I’ve heard of who might be happy Johnny Depp won’t be back as Jack Sparrow in the new movie…..

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