Disney Updates Their FastPass+ Rules Again. I Love It!

by Ed Pizza
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If you have kids, you understand Disney Dread.  You start planning a trip to Disney World.  You want it to be perfect for your kids, creating tons of awesome memories.  If you don’t do any research beforehand, you find out quickly that extensive planning (or lots of money) are needed to see all the most popular attractions at Disney World.  Who wants to take their kids to Disney World only to “fail”at getting that special ride to make your children’s dreams come true?

The folks at the House of Mouse have been working to make the FastPass+ system more user-friendly.  Recent changes include the ability to book more FastPasses while on the fly in the parks.  Those are good changes for all visitors, especially those who are tech-savvy.

The most recent change is really one that’s good more me, but may not be good for you if you live on the West Coast.  Disney will now open up the FastPass window at 7am Eastern Time as opposed to at Midnight.


Charlie Hitting The FastPass Kiosk Hard!

That’s great for me living on the East Coast.  I never bothered staying up until Midnight, instead just hoping I could get the best rides when I woke up in the morning.  The harsh reality is that things like Seven Dwarves Mine Train can and do “sell out” of FastPass opportunities pretty quickly.  While there are other opportunities to “buy” your way onto the Mine Train,  you’re better off saving that money for something else if you can hit the 60-day window right as it opens.

Bottom Line It For Me, Ed

Nothing earth-shattering, but Disney is the ultimate game of exploiting small edges to get the most for a family (not too dissimilar to the world of miles and points).  Take advantage of all the shortcuts Disney has to offer and you’ll have a much more enjoyable and affordable trip!


The Family Survived Christmas At Disney

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