Cool New Benefit For Disney World Annual Passholders

by Ed Pizza

Annual passes aren’t just for people who visit Disney World every month.  One of the best hidden benefits of the annual pass is that they frequently offer 13 months of membership when you buy an annual pass.  This makes it easy for someone living far away to squeeze in two trips on an annual pass.  There are different flavors of annual passes, and there are plenty of benefits for Disney World annual passholders.

One of my favorite benefits is access to Tables in Wonderland.  It’s a great benefit that gives you 20% discounts at tons of Disney World restaurants without the constraints of a dining plan.

Whether you go to one park or many, One of the biggest frustrations to getting around Disney World is actually getting into the parks.  Disney World appears to be adding a benefit for annual passholders where they’ll have dedicated lines to enter the parks.  According to Disney Lists:

The new passholder only entrances will be available starting December 21, 2016 and continue into January. No official word on how long this test will last, but we are hopeful that this becomes permanent.

Disney World Annual Passholders

The Final Two Pennies

This benefit dovetails nicely with the new, quicker way to hop between parks that I wrote about recently.  Given the price of a day at Disney World, time savers are big friends.

I’m wondering if they’ll allow family members of annual passholders to jump in these lines as well.  Typically, I used to buy the annual pass just for me to score Tables in Wonderland for our whole Disney group.  I’m sure there are plenty of groups where only some folks have an annual pass.  I’m trying to get confirmation from someone at Disney World on this.

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Shaun December 18, 2016 - 16:00

This would be a great benefit! I feel like every time we go to EPCOT or HS it takes forever to actually get into the park. This, coupled with the recent addition of 20% off food at an expanded number of restaurants really makes the annual passes more valuable.

We usually buy the passes and alternate between early December and mid-November to get 2 full trips out of 1 pass.

Edward Pizzarello December 18, 2016 - 19:22

Shaun, I agree. This is a killer benefit, especially for rope drop!

Bill G January 7, 2018 - 11:17

Unfortunately my experiences over multiple trips in the past year: The restriction is never enforced. Everyone uses the passholder queue and cast members don’t care.

Edward Pizzarello January 9, 2018 - 12:34

Bill G, that is unfortunate. Where do you most commonly see this?


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