Disney World Expanding Alcohol Offerings In Magic Kingdom

by Ed Pizza

Quick hit on this one.  This is interesting to me, though more from a business sense.

Disney World is reportedly going to start serving alcohol at a handful of places in Magic Kingdom.  This is in addition to Be Our Guest, the restaurant inside the Beast’s castle.

According to Disney Lists, the new places serving alcohol are:

  • Tony’s Town Square
  • Liberty Tree Tavern
  • Skipper Canteen
  • Cinderella’s Royal Table
Disney World Expanding Alcohol Offerings

Dessert at Cinderella’s Royal Table

Dinner is already pretty pricey at a place like Cinderella’s Royal Table, though the quality of the food has improved.  I’m sure tacking on a glass of wine isn’t going to come cheaply.

As Disney has improved the quality at some of these restaurants, they’re more appealing to folks who don’t have kids.  It’s natural that a glass of wine with dinner is something adult diners enjoy.

The Final Two Pennies

Disney World kept alcohol out of the Magic Kingdom for decades.  I’m happy that alcohol has mostly stayed out of the Magic Kingdom.  I don’t want drunk folks walking around with my kids.  Disney dipped their toe in the water by testing out limited alcohol service at Be Our Guest.  I enjoyed having the option to order a glass of wine when we dined there.

Disney World Expanding Alcohol Offerings

Beast’s Castle At Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

I’m sure the staff is trained not to over serve guests.  The early reports are that they won’t be serving liquor, just beer, wine and ciders.  Due to the sheer number of folks that eat in these establishments, it’s hard to linger and really get intoxicated.  That’s likely a good thing for a place that caters so heavily to families.

I don’t expect to see carts roving around Magic Kingdom selling beer anytime soon.  This strikes me as a pretty moderate change.  Given how much Disney World pulls in overall, I can’t imagine the revenue from this is more than a rounding error.

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Shaun December 23, 2016 - 08:41

I’m a big fan of this change! I agree they should continue to keep alcohol out of the general areas of the parks. I would definitely not want MK to become a world Showcase type environment. We go every year to Food and Wine and that can be nuts. But i don’t think there is anything wrong with having a glass of wine with dinner. I I also think this will help a restaurant like Skippers Canteen, which has under preformed.

While I agree that the increased revenue will not be a huge difference overall, I do think it is a way to increase profitability of the individual restaurants without raising food prices. The last few times we’ve eaten at BOG we’ve ordered a bottle of wine. If enough people do that i think it adds up at a place like WDW. And lets face it, restaurants like Cinderella’s Castle, which is over priced, could probably double the price, and they’d still be full. This is a way to capture more revenue without prices most people out.

Chris December 23, 2016 - 11:11

I’m not sure they have to worry too much about people getting hammered. You’d have to take out a mortgage to afford to at a Disney park, haha. Although I guess some people seem to do it anyway at the World Showcase, as you said.

JRG December 23, 2016 - 16:30

I think Walt Disney would be disappointed in what these parks have become. Regular blue collar people can’t even afford the high prices to get in; the simple pleasures of the park are taken over by income-producing schemes (cabana’s for rent to see the fireworks; heavy charges to possibly meet a character during meals; more money to get to the front of the line ahead of others who can’t afford the same; and so on). I have not been since my child was young and cannot see going again. Walt Disney knew he had a built Americana, even if it was an amusement park built around a store (Main Street), but he still wanted it for all. And he did not want alcohol in the park. Seems like every time there’s a new charge for something, many bloggers somehow rationalize that “it’s worth it.” Sure, it’s worth it if you have the money to burn – but it’s crazy money. And leaves out many Americans…..


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