Tables In Wonderland. The Other Way To Save Money On Disney World Dining

by Ed Pizza

Disney World is an expensive proposition for any family.  Single-day ticket prices have topped $100.  Heck, parking at the Magic Kingdom will run you $20 a day.  Folks both rich and poor are looking for ways to save money when they go visit the mouse.  Tables in Wonderland is something every family going to Disney should consider.  Let me walk you through the value proposition, even if you don’t think this fits you (it probably does).

Disney Dining Plan Is Not The Only Way To Save Money On Meals

I’m sure plenty of folks have heard of the Disney dining plan.  I am really not a fan.  Sure, you can save money on one of Disney’s dining plans.  But, they lock you into a structure.

Disney sells you a certain number of table-service or quick-service meals and/or snacks.  You’re “pre-buying” those meals, you can’t get your money back if you don’t use them all.  Our kids are unpredictable, and I’m sure mine aren’t the only ones. Committing ahead of time to a certain number of meals ahead of time just isn’t our cup of tea.

That being said, there are plenty of people who swear by the dining plans.  They’re great for folks who can use them up. For everyone else, consider Tables In Wonderland.

What Is Tables In Wonderland?

Think of Tables in Wonderland as a discount card for Disney restaurants.  It covers a wide array of restaurants and gives you a 20% discount at virtually all of them, including on alcoholic beverages.  And, it’s good for up to 10 people!  It also gives you free parking at resorts and theme parks “for dining purposes”. That’s an easy one, since restaurants are everywhere at Disney (and lots of them).  Staying off-site isn’t the best choice but a necessary one for some families.  Tables in Wonderland saves money for those folks.

Unlike Disney’s pre-purchased dining plans, you don’t have to commit to anything ahead of time other than the fee for Tables in Wonderland.  More on that in a bit.  Here’s a list of all the restaurants you can use Tables In Wonderland at.  First, at Disney resort hotels:

Tables In Wonderland

Then, in the parks (and at Disney Springs):

Tables In Wonderland

How Much Does Tables In Wonderland Cost?  Who Can Purchase It?

This is the part where you say “this doesn’t apply to me”.  But here’s where we pick up another one of my tips for saving money at Disney World.  The following people are eligible to buy Tables in Wonderland:

Tables in Wonderland costs $150 ($175 for Florida residents).  It’s easy to see the value proposition for Disney Vacation Club members.  Since the pass can be used for up to 10 people, it doesn’t take long for a 20% discount to add up to $150 in savings.  But, what about the annual pass path?

An annual pass will set you back $749 if you live out-of-state, and you only have to buy it for one member of your group (whoever is buying Tables in Wonderland).  A 5-day park hopper ticket currently runs about $400.  In this example, you’re spending an extra $350-ish for the annual pass.  But, the annual pass is good for 13 months, which means you can squeeze in 2 trips to Disney a year apart.  Or, you could be like our crazy family and go to 3 different Disney parks in one year (the annual pass is only good for Disney World, though).  If you fold in a second trip to Disney within 13 months, the annual pass pays for itself.

Tables In Wonderland Is Much Better When Traveling With A Large Group

Obviously, this trick yields much bigger savings when you’re traveling as a larger group.  We usually bring extended family or friends with us when we go, making Tables in Wonderland a better deal.  When you consider that Cinderella’s Royal Table runs $60 a person for dinner, it’s not hard to save the $150 you paid for Tables in Wonderland.  Heck, even Chef Mickey’s, our favorite breakfast joint at Disney World, will set you back $35 for a good character breakfast.

Tables In Wonderland

Hanging Out With Chef Mickey At Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Is It Worth It?

It’s very easy to walk through the math on Tables in Wonderland to figure out if you’ll save enough money.  If you’re not sure about the annual pass option, consider that it also comes with a host of discounts you might find valuable, such as discounts on merchandise and parking.

Enjoying Disney also involves making sure you don’t end up with a huge bill at the end of your trip.  Spending money at Disney World is inevitable.  Saving money at Disney World is a strategy worth pursuing.

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Starr July 4, 2017 - 23:29

How do you get the 20% off Disney tickets? It is not clear to me.

Edward Pizzarello July 5, 2017 - 16:53

Starr, it’s a 20% discount on dining with TIW, not on Disney tickets. Very hard to get 20% off Disney tickets, though you can save a bunch of money with an annual pass.


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